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SUPERVISOR:  Parish Pastor

I.                   DESCRIPTION:

Half-time position, 25 hours/week

Perform secretarial duties and act as a minister of hospitality for staff and parish commissions of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

II.                GENERAL DUTIES:

A.                 Secretarial

1.                  Perform secretarial work for pastor, designated staff, and parish commissions.

2.                  Pick up and distribute mail as necessary.

3.                  Monitor and order supplies.

B.                 Telephone

1.                  Answers telephone, takes messages, and coordinates appointments for pastor.

2.                  Assists visitors in office.

C.                 Parish Communication

1.                  Coordinates preparation of the weekly bulletin.

2.                  Assists with printing and mailing of newsletter.

3.                  Coordinates the weekly email announcements.

4.                  Coordinates information for baptisms, funerals, weddings, and registration of new parishioners.

5.                  Maintain sacramental records, notifications, and certificates.

D.                 Other

1.                  Perform related duties as requested by the pastor.

2.                  Assists with Diocesan Appeal, Capital Campaign, and fund raising activity.


A.                 Education, Training, and/or Experience

1.                  High School Diploma or equivalent

2.                  Experience in any of the following helpful:  Excel, Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Outlook, and computers in general. 

B.                 Knowledge, Skills, and/or Abilities

1.                  Skills in: public relations; organization, and collaboration.

2.                  Ability to: follow up oral and written instructions; adapt to changing schedules, priorities and environments.

3.                  Demonstrated reliability and strong work ethic.

C.                 Licenses

1.                  Possession of a valid State of Iowa Driver’s License. 


  • Ability to answer telephones, use computer programs, update financial and parish records.
  • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other employees, church members, and the public.
  • Ability to read, speak, hear, and write English in order to communicate with co-workers and others.
  • Intellectual ability, judgment, stamina, and coordination necessary to normally complete daily assigned tasks within the workday.



(Not an all-inclusive list)

Weekly Church tasks:

·         Record collections

·         Make bank deposits of misc. income that comes in during the week

·         Create, send and (coordinate) stuffing bulletin as needed

·         Maintain parish records

·         Coordinate parish calendar

·         Perform secretarial duties as requested by Pastor

As Needed

All Facilities:

·         Inventory supplies (purchase requests given to secretary)

·         Check facility cleanliness throughout the week, especially for rentals. (All staff responsibility)

·         Acquires, picks up and delivers items such as packages as needed by the staff

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