Tulip Time

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St. Mary’s Menu – Specialty Items

Dutch Taco – (The Original) Grilled In’t Veld’s Pella Bologna, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and St. Mary’s Cream Sauce in a soft tortilla shell.
Dutch Taco Salad – (Like the original, only more, in a bowl to reduce the carbs) A generous bed of lettuce, with grilled In’t Veld’s Pella Bologna, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, & St. Mary’s Cream Sauce.
Dutch Ribbons – Deep Fried (in Soybean Oil) Spiral Cut Potatoes available with salt, ketchup, Lawry’s or Nacho Cheese – (Best when Served Fresh!)
Dutch Cheeseburger – Thick Sliced Grilled In’t Veld’s Pella Bologna with Gouda (Dutch) cheese!

What is it that makes St. Mary’s Tulip Time Stand so Special?
Is it the white picket fence that surrounds our stand?
Is it the flower box that adorns our upstairs?
Is it the Tulip Windsock that guides customers to our stand?
Is it the pop cooler system that cools off a bottle of pop in 12 minutes?
Is it the fresh food refrigeration system that keeps fresh food fresh?
Is it the computer system that processes your order?
Is it the Dutch Tacos, or the secret sauce?
Is it the digital controllers that constantly monitor all foods?
Is it the Dutch Ribbons?
Is it the water system (complete with water heater) built into the stand?
Is it the heated water bath for the propane tanks?

No, its the people, and what they put into our stand and product!

Our crew leaders do quite a few designs that are interesting enough that people are asking for further details. Therefore they have started writing up some of these designs to give away. Some will be on things for a church stand, others will be on items for use at home. Be sure to check back as we will be adding to the list.

  • www.jiffymixer.com– Model ES – polished 304 SS for 2-5 gallon buckets – used for mixing sauces, etc.
  • 5 gallon – 5.5 Hp Portable Shop-Vac – used for cleaning up after food prep, and emptying water lines
  • RANCO ETC-111000 – Digital Temperature Controller – added to warmers to maintain proper temperature (ebay)
  • Shop-Vac to Pipe Adapter – made from materials at your local hardware and/or plumbing shop
  • Gutter Cleaning Tool – made from materials at your local hardware and/or plumbing shop
  • Water Broom (Jet) – made from materials at your local hardware and/or plumbing shop
  • Dog house – made using 1 sheet of plywood and 1 – 2×4

While our stand is made of wood with steel running gear, we have been using stainless steel, copper, aluminum, HDPE & PVC as items need replacing. We do this for 2 reasons, first to be compatible with a food service, second is to reduce long term maintenance. For example the front window covers were made of wood, but rotted out after 10 years. We change the design to be flush on the outside, so water would not sit on an edge, and used PVC expanded sheeting with wood reinforcing on the inside, so we wouldn’t have to replace them for many years. The decorative shutters were made from colored PVC sheeting, glued together and mounted with SS screws, as we found that using SS hardware would also last much longer, and continue to look nice much longer than plated steel.